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opened this website for class of 61 members. 01/28 Hello Marcy I am sad to tell you I just got an email from my sister informing me that Kenny Marcus passed away on December. The real surprise was that Thomas flew in from Hawaii and of course brought tears to Honeys eyes the minute he appeared. My husband Stan decided to practice here and is still actively doing. Interment to follow at the Long Island National Cemetery, Farmingdale,. The day after the 2005 reunion a bunch of us were sitting at a table having brunch at the Marriott in Uniondale. real escort clips gay hora stockholm

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I've been traveling around the country for a few months from Cocoa Beach, Florida to New York and New Jersey back to North Carolina for a couple of days and then a trip to Austin, Texas. I am sure you know that there are many of us out here that appreciate your efforts and everyone else that contributes. When the weather started to turn bad yesterday afternoon, my neighbor and I went with Christine to her house the next town south. She discovered me as a down-and-out songwriter and with her then-husband Jeff Barry co-produced all my early hits on Bang records said Diamond in a statement. Although he's unofficially semi-retired, he's blessed with some really great clients who make business a pleasure. As I scanned the circle, I was back to our 4 years together at lmhs. I'm alive and well and living in the Phoenix, Az area where today's temperature is around 113 degrees, and no, it's not a "dry heat" today. (June 21) Kevin Kinnally died at his daughter's home after a long illness. He was able to secure some exceptionally beautiful hotel/resorts for our stays in both places, at unbelievably inexpensive prices.

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11/16 Condolences to classmate Steve Ross on the passing of his brother Paul. It is actually the same name as the old one except that we are It will be well worth your while. They both drove school buses for the county they live in here in Florida. I'll put a reminder here closer to the reunion date for those whose memories are not what they used. Eitan and Dalit are approaching their first anniversary, and are both students. I am here in New Jersey since 1968, and living in Highland Lakes since 1987, when I married Ed, husband #. Notice MN in the designs on all but 126. Sandy Findlay, through Frank Barning on Facebook, shared your website address. The graduation ceremony was such a cute touch.

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Years ago someone sent me a 1996 reunion record with addresses of those who attended. We have moved him to our gone but not forgotten section. Highland Lakes, NJ 07422 email: I have been in touch with Sally Pittman and Chickie Goldberg. Bob Memorial Day 2014 I saw two pictures on Facebook that made me stop and think that we have many classmates who served this country in various Military Branches. Here's my saga (aka "excuse At the end of June we sold our home, expecting to close on the new home within a few days.

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  1. As I approach the car, the driver is getting out so I tell him that I love the car and it reminds me of high school.

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